Safe, Fun Bath time for Babies

Safe, Fun Bath time for Babies

Bath time is a very fun bonding time for a baby and the parents, but it can also be very dangerous. With the proper preparation and safety products, you can keep your baby safe. When you know your baby is safe, you can have more fun and turn bath time into learning and play time.

Before beginning bath time, have all of the necessary items ready and easy to grab. You will need a shampoo, baInfant_Tubby wash, washcloth, and towel. You should also have the lotion, diaper, and clothing ready either in the bathroom or a separate location if desired. Depending on your baby’s age, you also might want an infant bath tub or a seat for the baby to sit in.

Hot water can cause a scald or burn very quickly on baby’s sensitive skin. It’s best to have a thermometer for the actual temperature reading, but you can also test on your inner arm or wrist if you don’t have a thermometer. Do not place the baby into the bath water until the water is done running and you have tested it.

Always sit beside the tub and keep one hand on the baby at all times. Babies can drown in just a few inches of water. Never leave the baby unattended to answer the phone or anything else. If you must tend to something while baby is in the bath, take the baby with you wrapped in a towel.

A safe bath can be fun for the parents and the baby. It gives them a chance to play and bond with no interruptions. Taking the proper precautions can make this a safe for you baby as well.

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